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Le Salon 1861- Richter Day 2016

For over 90 years, Richter has been giving back to the community. Throughout the firm’s growth in Montreal and Toronto, the community has been integral to Richter’s success and in an effort to show gratitude, Richter strives to pay it forward, by giving to those in need in impactful and substantial ways.

On September 15th, Richter lent a hand to different organizations in our community such as Tyndale St-Georges, CÉDA, Salvation Army, Mission Bon Accueil and Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal, in collaboration with Le Salon 1861.

Above lending a helping hand, Richter volunteers shared their knowledge by hosting three free workshops throughout the day, for Le Salon 1861 tenants and social organizations. These workshops aimed to empower the community in the management and development of their projects through financial education.

“Throughout the years our community involvement has grown substantially and we are proud of the impact we have created. Giving back to the community has always been a central focus at Richter – it’s not just in our mandate, it’s who we are.”

Tips for managing your organization’s cash situation
Which invoices should be paid first? What is the best way to manage your organization’s bank account? How should the budget be planned or organized? Attend this workshop if you want to get the most out of every dollar.

Financial crash course: 60 minutes to master the basics of accounting
To launch a project an entrepreneur needs to understand how the organization’s transactions are presented in the financial statements and how stakeholders might use that information. Attend this workshop if you want to understand your financial statements.

Preparing a business plan: turn your brilliant idea into a reality!
An adequate business plan will also enable you to highlight the issues and opportunities of your project and help you identify operational as well as financial resources that you need in order to achieve your goals.


Hello, Thanks so much for organizing such a great day of volunteering. We loved having the Richter group and appreciate you thinking of us.” — Marti Miller

C’est une joie et un privilège de vous recevoir et ainsi aussi avoir votre participation à nos activités pour le bien-être des personnes qui sont dans le besoin. Merci pour tout.” — Bernard Blais

“Merci de consacrer du temps dans votre horaire chargé pour faire du bénévolat! Ceci étant dit, nous aimerions vous remercier pour votre temps avec nous…nous avons quand même réussi à notre but pour la journée!  Nous apprécions quand nous sommes capable de travailler ensemble malgré les empêchements. Bravo pour vos efforts et tout ce que vous avais fait pour avoir votre groupe parmi nous. C’est avec un plaisir non dissimulé et toujours renouvelé que nous vous comptons dans nos rangs et bénéficions de votre dévouement et de votre générosité. Merci de nous consacrer ainsi votre temps libre. Nous espérons pouvoir encore avoir la joie de compter sur votre présence parmi nous.” — Julia Ovando

Thanks to our sponsors who contributed to making this Community Day a great success!

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