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Complexe Canal Lachine

A creative eco-systems building

4710 St-Ambroise, Montreal, QC

From the Simmons Company mattress factory to a creative eco-systems building.

Complexe du Canal Lachine was built around 1919. Located on the banks of the canal, near the Atwater Market, the building covers an area of over 367,000 square feet.

The building was nearly abandoned when it was bought in 1993 from bankruptcy. Improvements and major restorations were undertaken to build more than 250 commercial lofts, making Complexe du Canal Lachine one of the first buildings and creative eco-systems of its kind in Montreal.


A unique atmosphere of creative energy

We offer a restaurant with an interior courtyard, an art gallery, lounges and community space forming a unique atmosphere of creative energy. Complexe du Canal Lachine offers high quality, small-scale, affordable units that tenants can adapt to their needs.

Today, Complexe du Canal Lachine is bustling with artists and creators of every kind including painters, photographers, sculptors, artisans, graphic designers, architects, game designers, publishers and a textile school.  We are currently at 97% occupancy.

Square Feet