We build communitiesfor people to call their own

GI Quo Vadis is a mission driven real estate development company founded in 1993 with the vision of building communities through the preservation and restoration of historically significant buildings, adaptively repositioning these assets to create employment opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Our mission

GI Quo Vadis manages these developments, hosting a current portfolio of 1.5M SF in the South-West of Montreal, fully leased to small and medium businesses. With a triple bottom line approach, integrating people, planet and profit equally throughout the decision making process, GI Quo Vadis continues to prove that it is possible to foster a cohesive integration of business, culture and community harmoniously that is conscious of our environmental footprint and inclusive of multi-stakeholders on all levels.  

Meet the advisory committee

Partner, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg

Anthony Arquin

Global Head, Sustainable Finance & Innovation, Second Muse Capital

Erica Barbosa Vargas

Partner, Claria Developments

Avi Krispine

Chief Executive Officer, Lemuria Dreamer

Louise Murray

President, Real Estate Groupe, Broccolini

Roger Plamondon

Consultant, Richter

Harvey Sands

President and Chief Vision Officer, Gestion immobilière Quo Vadis

Natalie Voland

Meet the directorship team

Founder & President

Natalie Voland

Natalie Voland has been reinventing the process of real estate development over 20 years.  Her roots as a social worker allows her to have a unique and purpose driven design centered outlook on development that prioritize historical protection of civic assets while being forward thinking to help buildings unite communities. She is a leader of the Quebec B Corp Movement where her companies are stewards of the environment, foster social inclusion, while making market driven profit to help the economic development of Montreal. Natalie holds a position as a Faculty Member at the School of Public Health in Sustainable Leadership for CEO’s at Harvard University. Natalie has won extensive awards for her work and lectured on the global stage while remaining true to her values of social and economic inclusion.

Vice President Operations

Claude Gosselin

Claude is our Vice President, Operations where he oversees the operations and maintenance of our portfolio in its entirety. With 34 years in the business building up the GI Quo Vadis properties, playing an integral role of redeveloping them from bankruptcy to fully occupied, he is the operating expert of all of our assets.

Director, Leasing

Chloe Soucy

Chloe is our Director, Leasing at GI Quo Vadis. Chloe is responsible for overseeing and running the entire GI Quo Vadis leasing portfolio where she curates and continues to refine our leasing strategy for all of our buildings and new developments, creating added value for our existing assets, while keeping our triple bottom line mission at the forefront and the best interest of our 500 small and medium businesses front and center in the decision making. Chloe is a strong leader with a focus on streamlining processes and improving efficiencies in our management department. Prior to joining GI Quo Vadis, Chloe held positions in leasing and property management at Allied REIT and Tidan. Chloe graduated from UQAM with a BAA.

Corporate Controller

Ginette Richard

Ginette Richard is our Corporate Controller at GI Quo Vadis and is responsible for corporate accounting and financial reporting of all of our properties. With 15 years at GI Quo Vadis, Ginette is an expert in commercial property management accounting and oversees the accounting for 6 buildings with 500 small and medium businesses.

Director, Special Projects

Lucie Barao

With over 20 years of client experience at GI Quo Vadis, Lucie’s expertise with established client relationships positions her to be the best in developing special initiatives to roll out for our tenant community. Lucie understands the intricacies of continued community development, enhancing our building’s offerings and supports the management team with the knowledge of having run and operated every facet of the company.


At GI Quo Vadis, we are conscious of our environmental footprint with the following strategies in place to help lead the way to a sustainable future.

Green leases

Green leases require tenants to 4 R’s and offer alternatives as part of R&D.

B-Corp Certification

We have been B-Corp Leader for the last 6 years: People, Profit, Planet.

No single use plastics

We work with restaurants, daycares and event spaces who refuse single use plastics.


Our buildings offer access to composting solutions.

Urban Bee Hives

We have urban bee hives in our buildings to work against colony collapse.


Compost, e-waste, cardboard, plastic, metal and glass are recycled.

Eco-friendly transport

We offer electric car charging stations & BIXI station on lot.

Green Committee

Internal committees are set up with our tenants to ensure our environmental mission is present in our properties.

We build green!

  • Reuse as part of reduction of construction waste-pipes, doors, wood framing, bathrooms, kitchens etc.
  • Triage construction demolition to refuse landfill additions
  • Program to repurpose Historical Buildings VS demo and new construction
  • Refusal of all toxic paints, varnish, solvents, cleaners
  • Prototype models for green construction and renovation material with UQAM, McGill, Concordia
  • Reduce asphalt with tree plant program for parking areas
  • Eco-Friendly Design Initiatives for space design of portfolio
  • Procurement policy favoring local purchase of products and suppliers
  • Leadership in circular economy commercial initiatives
  • Development of Urban Farms for local food production in 2019-2020
  • Yearly budget for plants and trees on all lots

Latest news and stories

Take a closer look inside GI Quo Vadis. We continue to prove that it is possible to foster a cohesive integration of business, culture and community.