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Job Fair at Complexe Dompark

This year, we are hearing more from our tenants that finding great employees for their expanding companies is getting more and more challenging.

As our economy in Montreal is growing (more than ever), companies are expanding their reach and scope and getting more contracts.  Finding the employees to deliver the contract requirements however is not as easy.  As Montreal employment levels are at record highs, we decided to take it upon ourselves as landlords to help our tenants.  We partnered with PME Montreal that does amazing work supporting entrepreneurs, and co-hosted the first ever GI Quo Vadis Job Fair!  PME Montreal did great work linking our tenants and their job postings with potential employees on September 27.  Some of our tenants actually found what they were looking for and we able to host interviews on the spot!

Thanks to everyone that participated and helped to organise.  We are continuing to come up with creative options to increase the client experience of being a tenant in our portfolio.  At GI Quo Vadis, we value you and your needs and build communities to support sustainable development and quality of life in the work environment.

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