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DOG PARK @ Complexe DOGPARK… We mean Complexe Dompark! Oops!

Heaven to us is a room full of puppies and we know many of our tenants feel the same way, which is why for the 110th anniversary of Complexe Dompark we decided to build our own dog park! Exclusively for our tenants and their employees, the park was built with the inspiration of creating a place of exchange with our tenants who love to bring their pooches to the office.

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Not only is the dog park a place of function for the tenants who bring their dogs to work but we wish to create a place where ideas and inspiration can be sparked through exchanges with other dog owners in the building.

Who knows what “Next Big Idea” may arise from the pooches playing in the dog park. Maybe we should add that to our rules and regulations; any ideas that develop in the dog park we get a cut of… now that’s an idea!  

Just a housekeeping rule, all dogs must be registered with the administration office in order to have access to the dog park so like Bob Barker says “Have your dogs registered and neutered” (or something like that)! 

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