Montreal Real Estate Strategy and Leasing Conference

Montreal Real Estate 2016

Our very own Natalie Voland was one of the speakers at the Montreal Real Estate Strategy and Leasing Conference 2016 for the Space User Discussion at Palais des congrès de Montréal.

“Natalie Voland has been working outside of the traditional real estate box for the last 20 years. With her social work background, she has created a unique vision to use real estate projects as a tool of economic development and urban regeneration. Valuing history, she builds with the future in mind, constantly adapting to the market fluctuations, her clients needs, and the pursuit of economic growth.

As a Quebec leader in social innovation through “Benefit Corporation Certification” based on triple bottom line practices, Natalie works collaboratively with strategic partners to redevelop areas, notably the South West of Montreal. She holds a portfolio of approx. 1.5 million sq. ft. with over 500 small and medium businesses including start up incubators under the brand of Communoloft.”

“This conference will examine current leasing and asset management strategies by focusing on issues and discussions of interest to all executives responsible for asset management strategies within their organization. It will also be of interest to all stakeholders who play a key role in leasing space.

The conference program will include a review of major issues, trends, and emerging practices as well as a discussion of effective strategies for today’s market. At a time when the Montreal real estate market is facing several challenges and for some players a difficult business environment, the conference will be particularly valuable for owners, users, tenants, brokers, and lawyers.

In keeping with the strong reputation of the Real Estate Forums, the Montreal Real Estate Strategy and Leasing Conference will feature presenters with acknowledged expertise discussing current issues, and this at a reasonable registration fee.” 

“The Space User Discussion will touch on the fact that the past twelve months have seen some significant changes in the marketplace. Funkier space, more commune space and shorter lease terms. As start-up firms demand two- or three-year lease terms, is the traditional ten year lease becoming more obsolete? What is the profile of the start-ups that are morphing into significant tenants? CREDO produced an in-depth report on the Start-up ecosystem. One technology company opened its business with a short term 5,000 sq.ft. lease, expanded to 50,000 sq.ft. and now they are looking for 100,000 sq.ft. of space. Learn more about what these trends mean to real estate leasing in the Montreal market going forward.” 2016 Program